We provide custom-made films to help you build better lives with people with disabilities and disadvantage and support them to get closer to the lives they want.

Why Films?

A well made film is:

  • A vivid and compelling way of getting a message across
  • Personal – it lets you into people’s lives and you get to know them as individuals
  • Accessible – You do not need to be able to read or have high levels of comprehension  to engage with the material. Film is audience friendly.
  • Available to a wide audience through, for example, DVDs, streaming on the internet, a dedicated website or social media.

Why Inclusive Films?

Our director, Dr Peter Taylor, has more than 40 years experience working with people with learning disabilities, mental health issues, autism and other disadvantages (such as homelessness and unemployment). He has worked extensively with the public, voluntary and private sectors and with family carers and advocacy groups.

He therefore brings a deep understanding of the issues you are trying to address through film.

Technical expertise is drawn from our small, hand-picked, experienced and creative group of camera operators, editors and other specialists who ensure that our films are of the highest standard.

We offer a full service from scoping and scripting, through filming, to the creation of bespoke DVD design and replication.

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