Our Services

Inclusive Films combines expertise in both film making and working with people with disabilities and other disadvantages, so we can offer a range of services that encompass the issues you face as well as the full range of skills required for vivid film making.

We can help you with:

Scoping: working with you and those whom you wish to contribute to the films – who may include the subjects of the film, professional staff and family carers – to define the aims, structure and overall approach of the film
Scripting: a good script lies at the heart of every good film. To ensure that you have the film you want that meets the targets you have identified, we use the scripting process to anticipate the type of material that may arise and need to be captured, the questions that need to be asked, and to establish the commentary that needs to be voiced over the images.
Casting: through our extensive contacts, we can help you to recruit people who meet the requirements of the film and who are prepared to appear in it.
Rehearsal: so that participants are able to take part fully and to express themselves as they would wish
Stills photography: for the film and for any promotion, including your annual report and presentations. We are happy to leave you with a stock of copyright free images for your own use.
Editing: to create a vivid and compelling film. We can also incorporate your own film stock, photographs and clients paintings and drawings into your finished film
Outputs: producing the film as a DVD; for social media and the web (including creating a dedicated website) or for broadcast