It’s Working in Dudley

On this page, you can link to the whole film or each of the eleven individual stories separately. Just click on the titles below:

It’s Working in Dudley (full film – 29 minutes):   This film profiles people with learning disabilities making a great success of paid work. We meet 15 people in a wide variety of jobs and hear what they value about their work. We also learn how highly rated they are by their workmates and employers. The film shows people with learning disabilities, family members and staff that paid work is a real option. The film also shows potential employers that people with learning disabilities make great workers.

Individual Stories

Gill at receptionGill (Reception and Admin Worker):  Gill describes her job and how much she enjoys it. The real progress she has made is outlined by her manager, Jan.

Suzi (Warehouse Worker):  Suzi, who has held this job for over 24 years, explains what she does and how much she gets out of it. The genuine contribution she makes is summarised by her manager, Kab.

Kevin (Building Supplies Worker):  Kevin gives us a conducted tour of the building supplies depot, where he works, and also talks about the two cleaning jobs he has in local libraries.

Job Coach:  This portrait of Jude, one of the Job Coach Team working with Madhuri, shows how a Job Coach supports a person to find a job and learn to do it well. Support options for employers are also outlined.

Andrew (Recycling Worker):  This snapshot of Andrew carrying out his work is followed by his manager, Deb, explaining how he is supported to get it absolutely right.

Lunch on the Run:  Emma, Ian and Julie enthuse about their varied catering jobs. Jean their manager reveals how, with suitable training, people with learning disabilities make great employees.

Dawn (Lobby Hostess):  A chance to meet Dawn, who has worked at McDonalds for more than ten years, and tells us about her work and what it means to her.

Susan (Team Admin Worker):  Susan outlines the varied roles she carries out to support the Community Team. Mel, her Work Buddy, talks about how they work together.

Natalie (Admin Support Assistant):  A glimpse of Natalie carrying out some of her duties and describing what her work entails.

At work in a BP garageGary (Garage Forecourt Worker):  A chance to meet Gary at his workplace shows him at work and describing how he got his job and what he does. His manager Leanne talks about the importance of his contribution.

demonstrating signingExperts by Experience:  Neil, Lindsey and Caroline, from self advocacy group Dudley Voices for Choice, know what it is like to be on the receiving end of services. They’re now paid to evaluate services and suggest how to improve them, and to make documents accessible. We sit in on a staff training session.