Self Employment for People with Learning Disabilities

Working for yourself does not suit everybody but for some people with learning disabilities, self employment can be a real winner. You can watch the full film ‘Self Employment for People with Learning Disabilities’ – or you can select any of the cameos below.

To watch the whole film – click here

Or you can choose any of the individual stories:

Joe's Egg RoundAdam – who shows us round his business, which prepares pet food and bedding. We meet his father, who helped Adam set up the enterprise, and an enthusiastic retailer who sells Adam’s produce – click here.

Joe – whose egg round serves hundreds of appreciative customers and Joe and his mother reveal how it works and their plans to franchise the business model – click here

Matt –  a gardener, who takes us round where he works and talks about the range of jobs he does and the pleasure he gets from gardening – click here.

Marianne – a talented artist, who describes the techniques she uses to produce her paintings, how she got started and how she markets her greetings cards and fine art prints – click here.

miEnterprise’s co-founder, Jon Pitts – who talks about the miEnterprise co-operative approach – click here.

Sue – who shows us some of her food preparation skills and describes how she gets her produce to market and what she gains from her enterprise – click here.

Jill – who demonstrates some of the cooking she does and describes what she has gained from her business and outlines her future ambitions. Her cousin, Steven, sums up the family’s delight  at Jill’s success – click here

The films of these entrepreneurs are also available on DVD.