Watch A Real Home A Real Life

Stories about eight people with learning disabilities or autism, the kinds of support they receive and the varied ways they have gained a real home of their own and are living their own lives.

1 Response to Watch A Real Home A Real Life

  1. Carolann Bowers says:

    This is a truly inspirational film and all the tenants who took part have shown the different possibilities for living independently when you have a learning disability or autism. 10 years ago my son moved into his own flat and has 24/7 support and it would have been great to have seen a film such as this to give us some idea of what is available and also to offer some reassurance that our son could be adequately supported when he moved out of the family home. From a personal point of view I hope more parents will become aware of this film so that they can see how well someone can be enabled to achieve a greater degree of independence. Well done and thank you to all the tenants for sharing their stories.

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