Watch A Real Life A Real Home – with subtitles

Stories about eight people with learning disabilities or autism, the kinds of support they receive and the varied ways they have gained a real home of their own and are living their own lives.

3 Responses to Watch A Real Life A Real Home – with subtitles

  1. Carolann Bowers says:

    This is an excellent film and shows how some people can live a more independent life providing they have the right support that meet their needs. It would be nice to see how people with more complex needs who need 24/7 support can also be enabled to lead more independent lives. Unfortunately in some areas there appears to be a problem in recruiting and retaining support staff which means that there is little if any consistency of support and I’ve seen first hand how such inconsistency can affect a persons health and emotional wellbeing. Financial constraints continue to bite and this has an equally damaging impact on parents peace of mind, however, films such as this need to reach a wider audience to show that it is possible to have a real life and a real home and we need to work together to ensure it continues..

  2. Pamela Kay says:

    Your film really illustrates what can be done with good planning and excellent support. It is very obvious that the key issue is that people can be “helped” by having workers who stay in positions for the long haul. Unfortunately in urban areas the turnover of support staff changes as regularly as traffic lights and hence a myriad of problems can get overlooked because of a lack of communication, trust and accountability. Although the film cites people coming out from residential care homes it doesn’t give any space to intentional communities and therefore it needs to address this to give the full picture.
    Otherwise a good film and thanks to the people who participated and produced it.

    • Thank you Pamela,
      I am really glad you appreciate the film. It was very interesting and rewarding getting to know the people involved and learning about their journeys towards the life they want. I hope to make more films looking at other options. Of course, this critically depends on getting the funding!
      I will pass on your thanks to everyone.

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