Disability and Employment: The Business Case

Employers from a variety of organisations talk about their experiences and the various ways that being open to disabled talent has been good for business.

We hear from some of their employees too.

To watch the whole film (about 22 minutes) -click here

Or you can watch individual stories:


Ben, who has muscular dystrophy, is making a valued and growing contribution to the Talent Development Team-click here


Steven, who is autistic, is a highly regarded member of the catering department-click here


Kyle, who has significant visual impairment, has proved to be a well thought of employee of this legal practice and is now undertaking professional training-click here


Dawn has learning disabilities and is a loyal, reliable and much valued member of the staff team-click here


Lisa and David, partners in this global business, describe the company’s approach to disabled talent including how they support employees who get into difficulties during their career-click here

These films are available on DVD. Please contact us for details.

1 Response to Disability and Employment: The Business Case

  1. I manage a supported employment service and distributed the film to our front line delivery staff to be used as a marketing tool to engage with employers.
    Having viewed the film, the message is clear, concise and simple. People with disabilities/health issues have much to contribute to business and there is a valid business case for developing a workforce inclusive of people with disabilities and health issues. We will also use the film for Disability Awareness Training, and induction of new staff.
    Thank you

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